Baguio-Benguet Day 3/3

Waa. This is our last day! We’re going back to Manila on the evening.

p_20161031_101421_vhdr_autop_20161031_101718_vhdr_autop_20161031_101313_vhdr_autop_20161031_101407_vhdr_auto The famous Bahong Flower Farm. This is a large plantation of flower were famous Dangwa flower shops in Manila came from. This is free of charge btw. We went there by riding an fx van that is located in front of the street going to my friend’s house.


Look how lovely the flowers are and so we (my friend) are, too! 🙂 Unfortunately, some of the flowers are harvested because the All Soul’s Day is coming and they need to deliver it to the different parts of Luzon. Our OOTDs are matched.


Different colors of roses ❤

Our next destination is the strawberry farm, unfortunately, there are no fruits because it is not harvesting time and the typhoon washed some away 😦


Ofc, the strawberry taho’s price is a little bit pricy because it is for the tourist tho.


The famous Stobosa Murals. Colorful houses 🙂

p_20161031_131128_vhdr_autop_20161031_134932Lunch at the famous Good Taste. It is really GOOOOD TASTE!! It is very delicious. I really love to order more but my stomach is full.


After our lunch, we went to Mines View Park because it’s a little bit early.. After our mine’s view park, we went to the market to buy vegetables and flowers.


Packing up our things and leaving Baguio good bye. Till I see you again Baguio!


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