Day 7/7 SG Trip

Last day here in SG. Although we’ll be leaving on Saturday trip.

1The return in Chianggi City. My father bought shoes here. It’s my mother’s birthday too.


Buying of books here in Chianggi City. It’s sale here.

After our lunch and strolling time here, we went to Bugis Station.

456We stroll for a little bit again.. because there are still so much time for dinner. (Mother’s blowout)

7It’s like a street food here in the Philippines.

89Have a break, have mcdo šŸ™‚

101112It’s bookstore time again. And I’m surprised with the manga sale here! They are so many! With complete volumes ugh I wanted them all.

It’s dinner time and we ate at Nando’s Peri Peri Chicken

13Place your order now šŸ™‚

14151617Look at those eyes.. looking very lovely on food. I’m hungry, I wanted to eat them now. It smells very fragrant. Ugh

1918We’re asian and we want rice! šŸ™‚ Here is our family picture. My cousin and my father’s cousin.


Family picture again outside. We need to walk because of the food in our stomach! I think my dress will destroy because of my big tummy!2223We stroll outside the mall here in Bugis Section. We went again to souvenir shops to buy some things.27242526Lots of bargain and sale. This place is intended for buying souvenirs. We didn’t stay longer here because we need to rest and we went back to hotel. But my father bought something also here.


Mandatory Selfie before taking a bath and sleep!!

Very tiring.

PS: I’ll find my pictures for next day in SG, even if it is whole day in airport! I forgot that I wasn’t able to save them from the digital camera.


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