Day 6/7 SG Trip

This day is Universal Studios Day!We got discounted ticket with the help of my cousin’s wife. We went there thru MRT because it’s faster and cheaper! 🙂

Hera are some of the photos before entering the park. I would like to put music here.. For the first time in forever..


I can’t have my solo picture 😦 . There are many tourists on that day even if it is weekday.


Okay last photo before entering the park.I swear!


There’s a big roof over there! Look! It’s not hot, good thing!

6Calling all Minionatics over there!Hehe. You can buy all your favorite collections here. But you’ll cry if you saw the price. It’s very expensive. I wanted to buy all of them but my wallet says no.


Here is our first ride. This is for kids!Camera is not allowed inside this ship maybe because it’ll be wet after.


We watched 4d film of Shrek! Again it’s for kids. But you’ll enjoy it because chairs are moving, there is water inside and you’ll feel that you are a cast in the movie too!


Lunch in Goldilocks. Forever chicken.Ugh. But during the night, we always eat near our hotel. There’s a vegetable!


We are getting ready before riding to extreme rides! Warning: Those who have heart problems are not allowed here because you’ll leave your heart in the air during the ride!!

My favorite ride is The Mummy! We repeat it several times before we went home.

1516I don’t want to spoil you but there is a roller coaster inside this tomb!


We’ll ride you later my dear. Just wait for us. 🙂

We will ride Transformers first!


Our poor baby cried after riding this. Because she got scared of the robots fighting!


It’s like a mini city tour of the place that you’ve seen in the movies. Very classic place.

25Family picture with Marilyn Monroe.


Just taking a quick break from walking too much!

We waited for 4pm to see this live action movie! The actors are very good and no stuntmen used in this live film!!


Explosions are real. Jumping of the actors from above are real. Drowning on the water is real also!


We wanted to ride on the different type of roller coaster but unfortunately there is a malfunction. So we rode on the normal roller coaster. No thrill but we return after our first ride 😛


Photoshooting during our break from the rides.


You’ll feel like a princess here because of majestic castle.



Welcome to the souvenir shop! Expensive though but you wanted them all. You’ll just take a picture instead of buying them. Cries


Family picture before going to another place.


There’s a chocolate shop outside. I just bought chocolate drink because it’s only that I can afford.


Photo shooting before leaving Sentosa for sure! :p


Etude in Vivo City mall!:)

After USS, we went to Suntec City even if we are very very tired!


Beautiful City at night because of city lights.


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