Baguio-Benguet Day 1/3

I’ve spent almost 4.5k for this trip. Free lodging in care of my friend who is residing in Benguet. We departed at around 1am of Oct. 29,2016. There are lots of people going to provinces because it’s prolly long weekend. It’s a holiday on Oct. 31-Nov.1. So here are some of our moments during the Day 1.

We were late because our ETA is at 6am but we arrived at 8am. We went to Irish’s home,took a bath and rest for awhile,eat breakfast and then went back to the city.

Our first destination is BenCab museum. The entrance fee is worth 120php.

This museum displays different paintings, sculpture and history regarding some of the cultures in Baguio City.

My background is so beautiful,very cold fresh air and nature.

Can I be a model? Just kidding 😊😊😊

Panoramic view of the garden.

I love imitating the paintings because I love their expression. I don’t smile always in photo.

Mandatorry selfie with my friend😊😊

Wow I like visiting to museums now.😊

Do we look like each other’s expression?

Paintings have very deep meaning. Maybe some of the artists are depressed and they wanted to release their emotions thru theirs arts.

Look at this garden. You should be careful because the pathway is slippery.

Please excuse ourselves for our selfies

That is Bencab Museum😊😊

I’ll post our food later,I’ll show first the beauty of this museum.

There is an area for erotic arts. It expressed very deep meaning for sexual paintings,arts and desire.

OKAY! Here are our meals for this say,we had late lunch because we ate late breakfast this morning. I ordered parsley pesto for 200+ php but not more than 250php.

Finally, I’ve eaten legit pasta for the first time. This is verg very delicious!!!

πŸ˜‹very yummy,tasty and everything. I love this pesto so much.

My friend ordered spicy tuyo pasta.

It’s time to say goobye because we are ready for our next destination. We rode taxi from Bencab up to Diplomat Hotel worth 100 pesos. Taxi rates here are cheap compared to Manila.😊

Abandoned house/castle near diplomat hotel. Is there something creepy here?

Otw to the top of the mountain! jk

Do I look like waiting or looking for something?πŸ™„

Thanks to baguio government,this place is preserved.

Model something. I’m sorry✌✌

I love this shot.

Ofc our selfie is mandatory

It’s time for my soloshot ofc

wWith beautiful sunrays..

We walked to the other side of the hotel and took different shots. Because it’s very beautiful

It’s late afternoon so that’s why the sunrays are very bright.. and it’s because we’re on a mountain.

We took the chances to take different pictures for this area because I love the smell of the trees here.

Yes. Overlooking side of the city.

It’s time to say goodbye to the place. We’ll be back to the town proper. We went to session road after this.

Welcome to Oh my Gulay. This is a restaurant. The architectural design is fantastic because it’s so fresh.

Panoramic View from Oh My Gulay!Look at SM Baguio.

We are waiting for 6pm because my friend’s hs friends are having their reunion. I am just an intruder. Joke! hehe.

We passed by the church near the session road.

I love my zenfone3 Laser 😍😍

Finally they decided to eat in Camping Date. I think the owner is a korean person. It’s my friend’s hs friend’s birthday! So our food is free. 😊😊

You’ll love the design here because it has tents inside. It looks like a camping site. Foods are delicious,pizza has different taste here because I think it has cassava or camote? It’s sweet not salty pizza. It’s very bad because I have low battery. I only took few shots during the night.

After our camping date,we went to Burnham Park. It’s very cold here at night. I don’t have bonnet only knitted jacket. That is the picture of Vizco’s famous strawberry shortcake. It’s very delicious and my first time eating legit strawberry cake.😍😍😍😍

Nightlife in rose garden in burnham park. It’s time to go home at around 12am because we waited for her friend’s birthday.πŸ’•πŸ’•

I’m not tired but I am very sleepy because we didn’t take a rest when we reach her hometown. ❀


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