A Glimpse of Italy in Taguig

Since,Venice Grand Canal Mall is finally opened with some shops operating. I just wanted to show you the beauty of Venice Grand Canal Mall and Venice Piazza in Mckinley Hill,Taguig City,Philippines. I remember that Venice Grand Canal Mall,was opened last year,I think end of November 2015 and first week of December 2015. Only Robinsons selection and the foodcourt are opened in the mall. While the Venice Piazza is opened long time ago,before I started working here.

Look at those pillars and the bridge. It’s so picturesque and amazing. Look at that man-made pool,you can ride their Gondola ride for 500 pesos per person, there’s a discount long time ago.

The lights during the night is so perfect. The place is so pretty with the background music that fits the place.

The three tall buildings there are condominium. It’s not yet done but the color is very classic,as well as the architectural design.

Some of my photos is the view from the second floor of the mall,infront of Serrenitea.

This place is photogenic,every side of the place. You may want to have photoshoot here because you’ll feel that you live during the early centuries.

These pictures are from Venice Piazza,unfortunately there are no pigeons here at the moment.

These are some parts of the mall.

Very beautiful architectural design. Some of the shops are not yet opened here but there are lots of food choices to choose from. This is a perfect sunday date for families,friends and couples.😍😍💕


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