Day 4/7 SG Trip

This is supposed to be Malaysia Trip! But only at Legoland. We went to the meetup place 1 hour early just to be sure, ofc we are not in the Philippines. We should be very early!


We rode a train up to Singapore Flyer (Ofc we had a long walk).


Selfie with our ticket is mandatory. Sorry not sorry :p 🙂


Selfie inside the bus is recommended also. I slept during the trip because we went out very early.


Ofc, we need to change our money. SG to Malaysia money! We need to recharge, we ate at KFC outside the Legoland. Because it is cheap outside! There are paintings outside. I need to take a picture too! 🙂


Our first ride is a water ride. 😀


We enjoyed blowing of waters!:)


Picture taking after our first ride. It is very hot in this country.

The picture above is inside the star wars lego museum. The place inside is so amazing, lego figures are moving and it has sound effects! It summarizes the story of star wars from the very first movie. 🙂

This is like a village of lego! It represents different places in Malaysia as well as other countries in the world! There is also Philippines there. Kudos to the lego engineers that made this wonderful museum(for me). I am really amazed! Look at the structures, people and transportation. You can identify easily the country. I felt that I’ve traveled around the world too. It is very very very hot here. Look, there is no roof! 😦 But there are electric fan on the side, it’s like a waiting shed or resting shed :p. Good thing that I always brought my umbrella.


This ride is so easy. But the height is high enough that I can see the other part of Johor! 🙂


I felt I’m like a princes.. Just kidding! 🙂


Panoramic View of Legoland from the top of the ride! 😀


Very kid at heart. I enjoyed so much. Because I didn’t experience this when I was a child.


This is low ride only. Sorry! :p


This ride is also made of large lego block! Look at the boat. :p


I really love this area, where you can build, destroy and build again! 🙂 I have lego when I was young, so that’s why I really love this place.


This is the souvenir shop. The lego is very expensive. We have only enough money, we bought tumbler as a souvenir. We cannot buy each other because my father didn’t change lot of money. So it is enough only. I wanted to buy all of them and put it in our house because I’ve always wanted to buy and to collect it.


It’s time to say goodbye! 😦 I’ll be back someday. We went back at past 4pm so that our service will see us easily.


596162 We went to Marina Bay Garden to watch the flower light! I forgot what they call it. Sorry! :p The place is so peaceful and very green. Ofc, there are lot of Filipinos everywhere, we can hear them chatting and laughing. Most of them are family, friends and couples. We waited for 7pm to light the garden but we can’t wait the darkness. We are very tired! Because of the freaking heat of the sun from the Legoland.



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