Day 2/7 SG Trip

This is the second day of our vacation here in SG. Ofc, I need to take a selfie as we arrived the Vivo City.

We rode in a train to go to our destination, Sentosa Island. I am amazed that all of the cities, islands and other nearby areas are all connected by the train. (MRT).


Wherever we are, there were many Filipino citizens. We heard people laugh loudly and talk happily. πŸ˜€


When we arrived the destination, we will ride another service using the shuttle bus. Don’t worry this is free. πŸ˜€

Our first destination is the underworld SEA aquarium.


If you’re a kid at heart, you’ll probably love this. I enjoyed taking pictures and looking at different kind of sea creatures, especially the sharks and the clown fish. I feel that I am watching live action movies because of the sea creatures.


I enjoyed watching and laughing to the sea lions and whale’s performance. They performed tricks and danced together with the music. And kudos to those trainers that taught these amazing animals! We got wet a little bit and we waved to them as they waved us Hi and Goodbye! πŸ™‚


There’s travelator inside the aquarium, this is used to those who are tired of walking too much. Jellyfishes are so pretty but they are deadly because of electric shock. We waited for my father’s cousin so that he could tour us around the city.

Our next destination is, butterfly museum. Lady at heart! Hehe. We stopped by the beach because of the MRT station going to another area. We’ll go beach hopping later. Don’t worry shuttle service is free.


Here is my picture on a beach sand! It is so hot, very hot. You know that I can’t see mountains here in SG.


Look! Pure white sand. I wanted to bring home some sands because it’s my goal to collect different sands from different beaches. But I think I’m not allowed.


I love the environment because of the garden.It is slightly cold here because of plants. We got our ticket for free because the employees are Filipino and friends of my father’s cousin. The butterfly garden is not crowded inside because there are only few people inse, just us! πŸ˜€ We got out food for free again because of the employee. Pizza and softdrinks!


We were very tired because of the heat. 😦 So we need to take a rest for at least an hour to refresh our energies. Our next destination is the most awaited wax museum.


Unfortunately, my youngest sister’s childhood crush JB is not there!As well as the 1D. Too bad huh πŸ™‚


I don’t know where are the other pictures for this day T_T but this is all saved on my google drive. I forgot if we went to another place after this one. I’ll update this if I found the other pictures πŸ™‚ I remember that our camera is low battery. T_T



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