Visita Iglesia 2015

April 5, 2015 we had our visita iglesia on southest part of Laguna. We don’t have a car but we just traveled using jeepneys and buses. I forgot some of churches we had visited but there is a picture of the name of the place. I just Grabbed photos from my friend’s facebook account (Lj’s). Here are some of the photos.

Nagcarlan, Laguna church and underground cemetery

Churches are a bit far, because it is from different provinces of Laguna. sigh!

Because it is black saturday, and that’s why images of Jesus are covered.


It’s holiday that’s why underground cemetery is closed. 😦

Next province is Liliw, Laguna.. I’m not sure.. sorry


We ate at Tea Tree Cafe. The price is affordable, foods are yummy ofc and we ordered milktea again.

I bought pasalubong from Liliw,Laguna. I bought slippers because it’s only 3 for 100pesos! Indoor slippers. No photos because I am too tired when I got home, I forgot to take pictures. But it is very durable because it lasts for almost 2 years.


Next place is in Magdalena, Laguna. I don’t know where part of Laguna this is but I know that it is very far from our hometown (Calamba).

Next place is in Pagsanjan, Laguna. White church you see. There is an image there of Our lady of Guadalupe.


Last Church is in Cavinti, Laguna. Nice place for visint old churches, because the history is written outside the church.

Before going home, we ate at famous Halo-Halo place in Pagsanjan. There are lots of people that came from different places, because there are lots of people waiting to be seated. No doubt, it is very delicious.



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