Strolling in BGC, Taguig City

Hi this post is super late. Last October 25, 2014, we went to BGC, Taguig City to visit the place since we all came from provinces in the south. I have my 2 girlfriends since colleges (Calamba,Laguna), 1 crazy friend from Bicol and the other one is my bestie (that became my boyfriend for almost after 2 years, so long huh :p ). Of course I went early because I went first to my bestfriend’s house in Makati, almost 2km away from the place to stay at their house to eat first, just kidding :p haha. We ate lunch first before meeting my friends there. We ate at Bannaple, Market Markee, Taguig City and chat for an hour because we are too tired, because of heat also I think.


Ofc, selfie with monopod is a requirement

Then after eating, we went to SM Aura, Taguig City, it’s just a meters away! We just walked because the mall is just beside Market Market.


We had fun in imitating posters from different movies because we had nothing to do there.

Since, most of us came from provinces, we took the chance to capture selfies specially on the highest part of the mall. The overlooking city of Taguig, Makati and Pasig.

We wait for almost late afternoon before heading to Highstreet and Serrendra. We bought our favorite drink, milktea from Gong Cha.


After drinkingour favorite milktea, we headed to high street. I didn’t upload any photos because photo quality sucks using my oldest phone (my first android phone). :p Photo quality at night is not good.


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