Day1/7 – SG Trip

Departure is at 6:05am of Saturday, April 16,2016 from NAIA. I spent 20,000php for the airfare because we bought tickets 2 weeks before the trip. My cousin will be leaving SG soo, so that’s why we immediately buy tickets. He will work in a different country so we need to make sure that when we got there, he is still there. Too expensive! But the good side is, having your family in your travel is at ease because they pay all transportation rides there and also food! I only brought 100$ (SGD) but I didn’t buy anything for myself except the hello panda! But all of it are pasalubongs. Anyways, here is my first day trip in SG. Before leaving the country.


I don’t have picture here because I am sleeping. I got home at 10:00pm last friday night because I came from Taguig! We are too early I don’t know why do we have to wait for 4 hours even if the flight is on the next day at 6:05am! 😦 I wanna sleep long because it’s weekend.


Ofc the obligatory aerial shots. Skies. Airplane shot. Sunrise 🙂


The meal from the plane. I want more rice. The food is delicious and I asked for more water ofc because I love water.


And we arrived in Chianggi Airport, I think the trip was almost 3 hrs, I am not sure though. We checked out our baggage and I am surprise because of disciplined people in the country. And it is so clean! No gums allowed or else you’ll be fine for how many dollars. When we got out of the checked out area, my father met his cousin and he will be our tour guide for the day. Good thing that he doesn’t have work this day. He guided us to our hotel. Btw, our hotel is cheap and not 5 star rated. 🙂 This will be our home for 1 week.


I am amazed in our car because it has automated door! This is a grabcar btw. And I witnessed how people patiently fell in line and waited for their cab too.


There are lots of condominiums here because there is only few residential houses. Condos here are very expensive that most of people share 1 condominium so that cost will be reduced.


Our check-in time is at 3pm so we only leave our baggage here and start exploring! We only walked from hotel up to the MRT station because there is no direct transportation going there except the cab. (BTW we did not ride cab on our entire trip except going in and out of the airport.)


That is their beep card in SG! All access. Buses and trains, I’m not sure if they use it on cab.


Very disciplined people specially when falling in line in riding the train.As well as using the escalators. That’s my father and his cousin.


This is the Marina Sands Bay mall! Boutiques are expensive even if you’re just looking! (BTW internet is fast, we borrowed my father’s cousin’s phone). You will meet a lot of Filipino everywhere. 🙂


We ate at the food court so that we have choices for foods. OFC I ordered meat plus vegetable combos.


We stayed outside the mall and just talked anything. Picture takings and observing people around.


We will go to merlion’s park so we need to walk very far. It’s very tiring because it is very hot. I observed that SG doesn’t have mountains to cover up the heat. So sad that it is really a city and there is no provinces? I’m not sure.


There is an area that looks like Venice Grand Canal in Mckinley Hill, Taguig City. Good thing that landscapes and trees covered the pathway so that there will be less heat!:)


Few steps and we are getting there in the famous merlion (mermaid and lion)


At last, we arrived after long hour of walking under the sun. I always brought umbrella because I know that it is hot there. There are lots of buildings and no mountains so it will be very hot like Manila.


We return to our hotel first to bring our baggage in the room and took a bath. It’s very bad to took a bath after long stay under the sun. But we really need to change our clothes, because it is from last night! 😦 Haha. After taking a bath, we return to Marina Bay.


Very beautiful scene at night. I’m sorry we don’t have DSLR camera but only low quality of phones and digicam. Yes, digicams do exist!


Grabbed photo from my cousin’s wife. We met out cousin and nieces there too :). They will be our travel buddies on the coming days.


We rode a train heading to our hotel but we walked also from the train station. 🙂  We ate at the nearest “karinderya-like” restaurant because foods are cheap and delicious. I love their fried rice! And this ends our first day and night in SG. Too tiring because we didn’t rest when we arrive here. 🙂



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